Broad Community Support

Broad Community Support

Hundreds of groups and individuals have joined in supporting the creation of a San Juan Islands National Conservation Area or National Monument.

Congressman Rick Larsen:

"This bill is the result of grassroots work from the local community, a group determined to protect this amazing area."

Senator Maria Cantwell:

"This locally-driven plan will ensure these cherished lands remain protected, accessible to the public and better managed to accommodate visitor use."

Senator Patty Murray:

"I am going to continue working with Senator Cantwell and Congressman Larsen to pass this legislation and help make this local vision a reality."

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

"The enthusiasm and support that the local community expressed for protecting the San Juans is inspiring and Interior should do all it can to support these efforts."

State Senator Kevin Ranker:

"Preserving the land would mean big things for the islands and the region. Protecting their natural beauty means protecting the quality of life on the islands locals and visitors alike. But more than environmental cause and natural legacy to be handed down for generations to come, saving these lands is also about the islands’ local, and in fact, our regional, economy and making sure that it remains strong."

Here are selected support letters:

Our representatives in Washington, D.C. received letters of support from a group of 150 local businesses; the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau, which represents over 350 local businesses; the Washington Tourism Alliance; and Washington Governor Christine Gregoire. The San Juan County Economic Development Council also endorsed the effort.

Both the San Juan County Council and the Whatcom County Council passed unanimous resolutions of support for the National Conservation Area designation. The Skagit County Board of Commissioners also sent an endorsement letter. The San Juan County Council also sent letters supporting the NCA effort to Representative Larsen, Senator Cantwell, Senator Murray, and Secretary Salazar. They followed up with another letter to Secretary Salazar supporting the presidential proclamation option. The Skagit County Board of Commissioners also sent a letter to Secretary Salazar supporting both legislative and presidential paths.

Representative Larsen and Senators Cantwell and Murray sent letters expressing their support for a presidential proclamation based on their legislation. They reiterated their support, along with that of Representative Suzan DelBene in a joint letter in January, 2013 asking for a proclamation before Secretary Salazar left office. Congressman Larsen also directly asked Secretary Salazar to make this part of his legacy. Governor Jay Inslee also wrote to the President asking for quick action.

Below is just a partial list of supporters who have informed us of their support - many others contacted their county government, Congress or the Administration directly. In addition, many people (over 5,000 at last count) took advantage of web links provided by Environment Washington or the Sierra Club to voice their support to the White House.

Public Officials

Representative Rick Larsen

Senator Maria Cantwell

Representative Suzan DelBene

Senator Patty Murray

Governor Jay Inslee

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar

Governor Christine Gregoire

San Juan County Council

Whatcom County Council

Skagit County Commissioners

Samish Indian Nation

State Senator Kevin Ranker


San Juan County Economic Development Council

San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau

The San Juan Preservation Trust

Lummi Island Heritage Trust

Guemes Environmental Trust

Waldron Community Meeting

San Juan County Land Bank Commission Members

Washington Tourism Alliance

National Parks Conservation Association

Lopez Island Lions Club

Island County Tourism

Turn Point Lighthouse Preservation Society

Keepers of the Patos Light

North Sound Baykeeper Team

Nature Conservancy of Washington

Lopez Island School District

Lopez Island Conservation Corps

Friends of the San Juans

The Wilderness Society

The Sierra Club

Environment Washington


Lopez Community Land Trust

BLM Volunteer Monitoring Group

Lopez Community Trails Network

SeaDoc Society

San Juan Islands Audubon Society

Lopez Island Family Resource Ctr

Friends of Chadwick

Veterans Conservation Corps

Vet Voice Foundation

The Dave Matthews Band

Green Edge Technology

A World Institute for Sustainable Humanity

Northwest Progressive Institute


A. Lister and Associates

Acanthus Fine Antiques, Decorative Arts & Interior Design

Adventure Associates of WA

Alder Bungalow Vacation Rental

Angel's Food

Anne Dawson Quilt Restoration


Archipelago Press

Arctic Raven Gallery

Arrowhead Property Care

Authentic Stone & Brickwork, Inc.

Barbara L. Nason, CPA

Bay Inlet Beach Cottage

Beach Haven Resort

Beachcombers Artwork

Bird Rock Hotel

Blooms and Brushes

Blossom Grocery

Blue Fjord Cabins

Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast

Buchanan Consulting

Buchanan Watercolors

C&C Equipment Company

Caffé La Boheme

Carolyn Cameron Photography

Ch Malay Studio & Gallery

Classic Daysailing

Classics Unbound

Coho Restaurant

Colin Goode Gallery & Studio


Cozy Cabin on Lopez Island

Craig Withrow LLC

Crow Valley Pottery

Custom Wood Finishes

David Svilar Photography

Davis Autobody

Diana G. Hancock, Attorney at Law

Discovery Sea Kayaks

Doe Bay Resort & Retreat


Earthbox Inn & Spa

Emerald Isle Sailing Charters

Environment Design

Eric A. Kessler Photographer

Faith Van De Putte, LMP

Flat Point Beach Cabin

Flint Beach Ohana Farm

Flower Mountain Tree Services

Four Winds * Westward Ho

Friday Harbor Art Studio

Galley Restaurant

Green Heart Seeds

Greene Partners architecture and design

Gudgell Properties

Harrison House Suites

Heart of the Garden

Horse Drawn Farm

Isabel's Espresso

Island Bicycles

Island Fibers

Island Healing Arts

Island Stage Left

Islands Home Technology

Isle be Jammin'/Mellowoods and Music Store

Juniper Lane Guest House

Just Heavenly Fudge Factory

Kate Scott Design

Lacrover Farm

Ledger Investments

Lopez Acupuncture & Integrated Health

Lopez Island Electric Company

Lopez Island Jewelry

Lopez Island Vineyards

Lopez Village Market

Lopezrocks Web Design

Lummi Island Realty

Lydia Arts

MacKaye Harbor Inn

Maedeup Jewelry

Maritime's Marine Center

Martin Taylor Photography & Edna Gallery

Matthew Gray Palmer Fine Arts

Meadow Wood Cottage

Meg Partridge LLC

Midnight's Farm

Mitchell Bay Farm & Nursery

Molly Preston Arts

Moore Woodworks

Nancy Bingham Pottery

Northwest Yachts

Old Trout Inn Bed & Breakfast

Olga Pottery

One Clay Hill Farm

Orcas Island Shuttle

Orcas Island Taxi

Orcas Montessori School

Orcas Oasis Vacation Rental

Outdoor Odysseys Kayak Tours

Pacific Wind Designs

Paper Scissors on the Rock

Pawki's - For Pets

Perch Design

Peter C. Fisher Gallery

Quilt Artist, Historian and Consultant

R.M. Diversified Art

Ravens Rook Lodging

Red Rabbit Farm

Robert Hare Stavers Photography

Robert S. Harrison Photography

Rozewood Environmental Services

Sail the San Juans

San Juan Golf & Country Club

San Juan Island Whale & Wildlife Tours

San Juan Kayak Expeditions

Schneider Design

Scott Hatch Design

Seacliff Cottage

SeaStar Lofts

Seraphim Soap

Serendipity Used Books

Sircely Marketing & Design

Spring Bay Inn

Starfish Marine

Start to Finnish Painting

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Steve Horn Photography

Stonecrest Jam

Sunnyfield Studio

SunPenny Creations

T&D Farms

Taste of Persia

The Bay Company

The Imogen Cunningham Trust

The Place Restaurant and Bar

Tom Cowan Consulting

Tom Hoffmann Watercolors

Treebone Pottery

Treehugger Timber Products

Tucker House Inn B&B

Turtleback Farm Inn

Village Cycles

Virginia Erhardt, Ph. D. - Licensed Psychologist

Vision Accomplished Services

Vita Wildly Delicious

Vorobik Botanical Art

Vortex Cafe and Juice Bar

WaterWorks Gallery

Western Prince Whale and Wildlife Tours

Whispers of Nature

Willow Rose Studio

Willow Studio Jewelry

Willows Inn

Windermere Real Estate

Windswept Fine Art Studio and Gallery

Body Boat Blade International

Orcas Weddings

Camp Nor'wester

Crystal Seas Kayaking

Cascadia Kayak Tours

Emerald Marine Products

Olive Glass

Island Home Services

Jonelle Johnson Watercolors

Lauri Gallo Childbirth Education and Doula Services

Rain Shadow Consulting

Siren Boutique


Russel Barsh

Erik Jonasson

Jim Berquist

Randall Gaylord

Iris Graville

Rowin Peterken

Harvey Himelfarb

Lincoln Bormann

Carla Chalker

Lovel Pratt

Charles Janeway

Chloe Mason

Michael & Margaret Jonas

Maxx Jones

Asha Lela

Nancy McCoy

John & Susan Waugh

Madrona Murphy

Bob Myhr

Georgann Greene

Noreene Ignelzi

Denise Wilk

Jean Peterson

Sonya Senstra

Justin Merrifield

Dave Zeretzke

Kathy Dretske

Jamie Lummins

Ron Metcalf

Judy Jackson

Linda Lyshall

Vivien Burnett

Nancy Greene

Fletcher Moore

Robert Herrmann

Ron Eklund

Scott Hatch

Kathleen Foley

Sandy Bishop

Michelle Herrera

David Parslow

Jerry Scherzinger

Mary Ferm

Jeri Howe

Gretchen Wing

Claudia Bushey

Mark Smaalders

Eric Baldwin

Monika Wieland

Karen Homitz

Shelby Prewitt

John Silvester

Ruth & Walter MacGinitie

Ben Cooper

Barbara Jensen

Celia Marquis

Olivia Gleason

Carol Churchill

Barbara Marrett

Danny Stephens

Lisa Byers

Estelle & Bob Shives

Katie Ogston

Kaari King

V Kay Keeler

Laurie Parker

Paula Dix

Lance Brittain

Pamela McCabe

Michele O'Loane

Sally Heard

Jim & Bev Smith

Annette Johnson

Ross Macfarlane

Wendy Phillips

Glen Coye

Jon Fosse

David & Cherill Perera

Don Johnson

Fran Hoag

Rebecca Rettmer

Susan Vernon

John & Patsy Sangster

Sherry Jones

Lynn Waller

Jacob Simmering

Jacqui Smith-Bates

Hannah Clark

Ann Osterberg

Rebecca Tilles

Leslie Larson

Michael Bennett

Gary Hoffman

Lena Turunen

Nicole Beaty

Tom Reeve

Lucei Robitaille

Robert Schilling

David Nutter

Andrea Rendon

Leona Jaeger

Chanel Ryss

Kate Czaja

Amanda Wedow

Danah Feldman

Erica Moon

Katie Fleming

Capt Chuck Cannon

Chris Greacen

Tad & Joyce Lhamon

Cathy Faulkner

Sally Reeve

Jennifer Turunen

Helen Sanders

Rebecca Hellman

Ann Marie Fischer

A. W. Emch

Joan Downs

Daryll Harrison

Brianne Swanson

Teresa Danielson

Robert Gamble

Sarah Crosby

Kerry Katza

Don & Carole Stone

Alison Ward

Jim Caleshu

Robert Walker

David Hudson

Jim Ghiglione

B Hally

Nikki Ruggiero

Charles Schietinger

Chase Schober

Sherry Brummel

Pinkham/Crockett/Smith families

R Philpott

Stephanie Hylton

Sarah Reeve

Susan Prichard

Dennis and Barbara Conrad

Vilina Sanburn-Bill

Bette Shuh

Mike Turner

Ken MacKay

Lew Thomas

Peter Coward

Jan Sundquist

Barbara Kelly

Ben Brown

Bill Chemnick

Holliday Wallace

Patricia Ward

Tara Garland-Dalton

Forrest Roberts

Maddie Housh

Mary WillAllen

C. Keith Wentworth

Amanda Hanstad

Douglas Cowan

Emily Dexter

Stephen Carter

Aileen Murphy

Thomas Riggins

Liela Nichols

Daniel Fremont & Emelie Van Vleet

Janice Williams

Ron Hall

Paul & Theresa Chemnick

Patricia Weston

Dale Navish

Brooke Schober

Tony Hennen

Rick McKenney

Sarah Stanley

Annette McKee

Richard Fagen

Deborah Hall

Susan Muckle

Amy McKee

Micah Collett

J. Johnston

Povl Lasso

Scott & Susan Jennings

Olivia Luke

Sylvia C. Smith

Bob Steele & Mary Swift

Patty Pirnack-Hamilton

Robin L Smith

Gerald Mickle

Chris Carter

Phil Heikkinen

Robert Christie

Jeanette Ross

Coleen Henry-Swantner

Maggie Lesoing

Aurore Maren

Liam Kelly

Cady A. Soukup

Deborah Bundy

Michael Reeve

Tyler J. Purdy

Jill Schober

Will Ashbaugh

Mary Lou Engert

Tim Seifert

Jeanette Whiting

Michele Rosen

Watson & Karen Grimes

Sydney Peterson

Lorinda Roland

Keldon Jardine

Ron Singler

Miro M Bodsky

Gary W Sterner

Ross Lockwood

Carson Sprenger

Audrey Kelly

Brian Spielman

Matthew Hummel

Solomon Bill

Regan Wensnahan

Sam Heller

Steve Horn

Joseph K. Gaydos

Andrea Cohen

J Macnab

Eric Adelberger

Hannah Hobi

Barbara Rosenkotter

Rosa Blair

Mali Fischer-Levine

Alexa Taylor

Carol Owens

Andrea Delyria

Kris, Betsy & Oliver Walker

Lorna Reese

Kathleen Burton

Les Schmertzler

Cathy Ellis

Linda Wales

Gregory Krivchenia

Kim Des Rochers

Carrie Hryciuk

Laurie Latta

Karalynn Ott

Chris, Denise, & Camille Dickin

Arlen Coiley

Frankie Clark

Jean Weinheimer

Michael DuPas

Thor Hanson

David Baugh

Theora Moench

Tamara Shane

Myran Anderson

Lewis Siegelbaum

Leslie Moch

Simone Engel

Wendy Mickle

Mark & Ann Pottier

Dirk Dyson

Dana Cram

Jim Austin

Marie Lorgen

Chris Libby

Juli North

Erin Corra

Shannon Faith

Corky and San Olson

Steve Thompson

Riley Magnuson

Kent Iriart

Nancy Wang

Diana O'Daugherty

Nora Ferm

Allen Clark

Steve Bloomfield

Eryn Dye

Ona Blue

Douglas Halsey

Carolyne Jaeger

Jodi Robin

Callie North

Connor Christie

Manuela Crowley

Marilyn Parman

Marc Cohen

Bruce T. Clark

Sarah Lyle

Lesley Liddle

Maya Lengyel

Terri L. McClelland

Sean McGee

Sheila Bishop

Neil Hanson

Bill Matthews

Polly Ham

Teddy and Alice Deane

Morry & Floy Dalton

Erika Davis

Linda DeLucchi

Mac Langford

Hall Beecher

Ana Malinoff

Sarka & Tony Martinez

Jill Mitchell

Matthew Haber

Jean Webster

Alexa Ogden

Lark Dalton

Karen Smaalders

Newell Burton

Bart Dawson

Kiana Oya

William Bettis

Bobbi Tangen

Ian & JoAnn Lange

Leslie Austin

Jim Skoog

Annie Houston

Blake Rankin

Jenea McDonald

Nia Bartolucci

Amy Vira

Dayle Gray

Ed Gutkowski

Maya Haber

Jean Perry

John Ben

Willow Fields

Jane McDowell

Beth Shirk

McCauley Fowler

Janet Dietrich

Doug McCutcheon

Alexandro Anaya

Deb Gore

Amanda Blue

Marcia Dawson

Tamara Cowan

Mark McMahan

Dee Axelrod

Katie Tomlinson

Liz Illg

Dixie Budke

Alex Spear

Judy McMillan

Tom Kramer

Darrell & Terra Dally

Bill & Ann Testerman

Linda Easly

Shelley Rolfe

Melanie Proctor

Carl Jones

Sandy Elliott

Ann Duecy Norman

Karen McClure

David Loyd

Robert and Jeannie Naiman

Jane Wentworth

Lydia Lukahnovich

Autumn Gruenwald

Alesha & Adam Bailey

Susan Bill

Nate Drahn

Kara Rowan

Ron Norman

Barbara Voss

Jeff & Dianne Dyer

Edward Kelm

Steve McKeon

Tony Angell

Nancy Towers

Ron Zee

Debbie Kosman

Betsy and John Darrah

Katharine Wilson

Katie Dunn

Seth Snapp

Karin Brittain

Byron & Dana Moffett

Hank Hill

Angelo Cly

Christine Finneran

Inez Noble Black

Oscar & Alie Smaalders

Tony Ridley

Helen Gamble

Lisa Lawrence

Laura Derevensky

John Feekes

Anne Heitbrink

Brad Buchanan

Barbara Fulton

Sandy Evans

Claudia Bradley

Janet Alderton

Bill Hemmer

Peter & Susan Corning

Elizabeth Denison

Marlys Waller

Susie Teague

Richard Cooke

Karin & Pete Gandini

Stephanie Peterken

Candy Midkiff

Barbara Bono

Paul Henriksen

Louisa Nishitani

Eric Rehm

Madrona Woolem

Steven Vandor

Jen Carlson

Sam Gray

David Roberts

John Martin Hansen

Matt Krogh

Louise Dustrude

Steve Dager

Janet Vogelzang

Rob & Deb Williams

Mary Beth Ostlund

Lisa Wolford

Ginger Lowell

Nancy Caleshu

David Lutz

Brian Kvistad

Marcus Latham

Doug Strandberg

Paul Beaudet

Ted Gibbons

Cynthia Hubbard

Pat Chemnick

James Smith

Chary Caren

Jenny Prescott

Gene Helfman

Judith Feingold

Meg & Dennis Ryan

Jane Ward

Del Guenther

Leslee Bangs

Andria Hagstrom

Bob & Dianne Marshak

Mary and Gil Masters

Dan Jenison

Dale Roundy

Martha Sharon

Tim Clark

Shona Aitken

Brian Nau

Cindy & Mike Matthies

Eric Kessler

Tod Collins

Alix Thorson

John Nopson

Pat Miller

Parvin Baharloo

Charles Janeway

Frederick Baesman

Heather Arps

Florence Wagner

Zack and Irene Blomberg

Mary Wondra

Elso Lawrence

Barbara Keller

Carol & Jon Avent

Peggy Bill

Charles & Nancy Givens

Greg & Margueriete Stafford

Gordon Jonasson

Russell D. Bacha

Irmgard Conley

Fiona Norris

Janice Peterson

Hailey Moilanen

Nancy Kelly-Girvin

Tahoma Wrubleski

Joan Cline

Kathy Dickin

Angie Krieger

Susan Sterner

Kirman Taylor

Maria Crawford

Deborah & Carl Thomson

Doris Brevoort

Shaun Hubbard

Linda Winchell

Stanley Piha

Kitri Falxa

Charlie Behnke

David Dehlendorf

John and Susan McCollister

Wenda Miller

Don & Jo Graham

Michael Peterson

Cynthia Dilling

Murray Trelease

Kathy Swart

Albert L. Wampler

George Lawson

Allison Snow

Sandy Goddard

Andrea McMillan

Rod Belshee

Mary Jo Kerr

Julie Paschkis

Richard Myers

Linda Oak Weissman

Karrie Cooper

G Hestad

Nathan Hodges

Nancy Keynar

Leah Clark

Heather K. Mitchell

Tom & Laurie Miller

Will Roozen

Grant Fisher

Patricia Johnson

Pete Rose

Marie Villa

Meredith Moench

Tom Cowan

Cliff Deem

Kate R. Combs

Pamela and Guy Harper

Bob Bushey

Gary Vaughn

V. Palmer

Kenneth Lauritzen

Lance Evans

Bob & Jane Garcia

David Cottrell

Cosmos Cordova

Johanna Smith

Barb Adams

Scott Honeywell

Sara Bayer

Tak Peralta

Nick Sciretts

Becky Terrell

Liza Michaelson

David and Geri Turnoy

Wendy Eklund

Micki Ryan

Sonya Anderson

Amelia Matera

Judy Meyer

J. Fritz

John Drew

David Bill

Jeanne Morris

Janet Yang

Randolph Kelb

The Hu Family

Michael Foulkes

Jack Pedigo

Judith Marcus

Amanda Azous

Robin & Jim Gates

Geoffrey Heard

Rhea Miller

Breton Carter

Curtis Lockwood

Chris Towers

Mary F. Mahoney

Peter Mannelian

Donna-Marie Cahill

Lisa Jacobson

Joe Neumann

Linda Hudson

Chris & Jason Hensel

Rick Hegdahl

Emebet Bill

Franja Bryant

Derek Cram

Marc & Lorraine Cascio

Barbara Carver

Sue Washburn

Karen Vedder

Roger Ellison

Shanley Lett

Barbara McKeon

Jaise Poole


John and Carol Whetten

Patience Taylor

Dawn Nelson-Alexander

Raiti Waerness

Andrea Finley

Miriam Drahn

Tui Lindsey

Polly Ceccanti

Jessica Burton

Robin Bentley

Eleanor Hartmann

Maddie Fisher

Amy McAuliffe

Brooke Beecher

Tim & Nadeane Rutledge

Sarah Thornton

Lisa Biehl

Taylor Clark

Michael Sato

Joe McAuliffe

Donald L. Greene

Bob Clemence

Cameron Gray

Clare Kelm

Mike Colyar

Kerry Pflugh

Kari Koski

George Kaas

Sebastian Lasbo

Phil Middleton

Patti Dunn

Lorraine Lewis

Jim Straughan

Michele Gruenwald

Axel Rendon

Jo Kaas

Dona Wuthnow

Tom & Erin Sitterley

Megan Lewis

Maggie Heard

Jennifer Lynch

Cassandra Schoenman

Max Baer

Richard Spoelstra

Katie May

Will Silva

Russ McMillan

Elizabeth Geison

Sheila Conoley

Anne Hays

Lynn K Edwards

Marcia Miller

Nikki Turunen

Jane Fuller

Mark Juneau

Susan Yoshihara

Linda Ellsworth

Dan Powell

Brenda Radatzke

Cathy Castillo

Owen Miller

Erin Harlan

[In the list above, names in bold voiced their support since Secretary Salazar opened up the presidential proclamation path to protection in February, 2012. The other names sent cards or letters to Representative Larsen or Senator Cantwell during our efforts to get the legislation drafted and introduced.]

Online poll by the Islands Weekly - March, 2012

Online poll by the Journal of the San Juans - May, 2012.