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The Proposed Resource ManagEment Plan (RMP)

BLM's home page for the proposed RMP includes links to all the documents of the "Proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP)/Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)."

The BLM published the Proposed RMP/Final EIS as 27 documents (26 of which are appendices, but are vital to understanding the impact of the proposal). For ease of navigation, we've combined those into a single large PDF (904 pages, 112mb), which we suggest you download: Full Proposed RMP/Final EIS with Appendices. To rapidly find something in that document, use the search tool by pressing CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac) and type your search term.

The BLM also published a Frequently Asked Questions document which is worth reading to get an overview of some of the key issues addressed in the RMP.

If for reference you would like to review the advice the Islanders prepared on the draft RMP/EIS which came out in 2018, you may find those guides here. Likewise, our documentation on issues in the Proposed RMP/Final EIS from 2019 can be found here.


In accordance with the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act of 2019, the BLM is offering a 60-day public comment period on a proposed closure of the Monument to shooting outside of hunting seasons established by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. This restriction will not apply to the use of firearms by Coast Salish tribal members for the purposes of hunting. BLM considers both hunting and target shooting as shooting/discharge of firearms. BLM does not mention target shooting in its FAQ's but does discuss this in the proposed RMP.

If you commented on firearms during the 2019 Protest Period, we encourage you to also comment during this comment period - these are reviewed by different portions of BLM.

As with the comment period last winter, it is important that your comment be substantive - that you explain why your recommendation is the right approach. You should read BLM's guidance on making substantive comments. For your reference, you may want to refer to the issues regarding hunting and target shooting that was prepared for the recently-completed protest period. Points to consider include public safety, deer populations, noise, fire hazard, potential for trespass, and many more.

You can submit comments before or by January 21, 2020, on this topic through the internet, email, or postal mail:


Regular Mail: Lopez Island BLM Office / PO Box 3 / Lopez, WA 98261

Hand Delivery at: Lopez Island BLM Office / 37 Washburn Place / Lopez Island, WA 98261

or Spokane District BLM Office / 1103 N Fancher Rd / Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument is a group of local citizens who care deeply for these lands and work to ensure their care.

Our Monument protects precious sites in the San Juan Islands. These sites, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), include recreation areas beloved by locals and visitors, cultural sites used by local tribes for thousands of years, historic lighthouses, disappearing habitat, and much more.

More information about the monument can be found on BLM's official website for the monument.