Islanders for the

San Juan Islands National Monument

Thank you to the many people who commented for the San Juan Islands National Monument Resource Management Plan. Your strong voice in the management of the Monument is crucial and much appreciated.

The public comment period for the Resource Management Plan ended on January 3rd. The next public step in this process will be the release of a proposed Resource Management Plan and a 30-day "protest period" during which decisions reflected in that plan can be challenged. We'll have more information on that process around the release date (expected to be late Summer, 2018).

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Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument is a group of local citizens who care deeply for these lands and work to ensure their care.

Our Monument protects precious sites in the San Juan Islands. These sites, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), include recreation areas beloved by locals and visitors, cultural sites used by local tribes for thousands of years, historic lighthouses, disappearing habitat, and much more.

More information about the monument can be found on BLM's official website for the monument.