Islanders for the

San Juan Islands National Monument

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San Juan Islands National Monument protects precious sites in the San Juan Islands. These sites, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), include recreation areas beloved by locals and visitors, cultural sites used by local tribes for thousands of years, historic lighthouses, disappearing habitat, and much more.

The BLM is currently developing a Resource Management Plan for the monument which will guide their stewardship of these lands for the next 15-20 years.

In the next few weeks will enter a 90-day public comment period where everyone will have a chance to provide input to the plan.

In anticipation of that comment period, we encourage you to:

    • Browse the BLM's catalog of monument lands to understand the sites involved.
    • Consider how you would like to see each of these sites managed and why.

Shortly after the public comment period begins, the BLM will be hosting public meetings to explain the process and help the public provide actionable input. For example, it is important to explain the reason for your preferred management approaches. This isn't a popularity contest between approaches - the BLM will be weighing different options based on impacts and benefits.

BLM is required by law to present a range of alternatives in order to analyze all options. You do not need to vote for an alternative. You can comment on specific aspects of the alternatives and respond with how and why you would like the sites to be managed. BLM is not required to adopt one of the alternatives presented. After analysis of public comments and comments from local government, agencies and tribes, BLM can create a plan that incorporates those comments.

We expect BLM to publish comment forms that can be printed and filled-in by the public. We will try to create versions of those forms that can be edited electronically and submitted by email - check back at this site a week or so after the comment period starts.

About that same time, the Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument will publish on this website a Guide to the issues - our suggestions on what management approaches are appropriate for each part of the monument sites to serve as a reference guide.

These suggestions will draw upon information members of the Monument Advisory Committee (MAC) received from BLM and other agencies. These suggestions will also rely upon information provided by the public during the establishment of the monument and information from the public scoping sessions conducted by BLM in the five years since the Monument was proclaimed.

Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument is a group of local citizens who care deeply for these lands and work to ensure their care. Unfortunately the Monument Advisory Committee (MAC), the body established to provide public input to the BLM in this planning process, has been unable to meet since October 2017 because the Department of Interior has not filled vacancies when MAC members' terms expire.

More information about the monument can be found on BLM's official website for the monument.