Islanders for the

San Juan Islands National Monument

Upcoming Public Meeting

The Monument Advisory Committee will meet virtually via Zoom on October 6, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The public is encouraged to attend all or part of the meeting. Public Comment from attendees will be accepted beginning at 1:30pm. The public may also send written comments to the MAC in advance of the meeting at: BLM Spokane District, Attn. MAC, 1103 N Fancher, Spokane Valley, WA 99212, or via email to

Here is the information to join the meeting on October 6:

Meeting ID: 161 895 4485

Passcode: 067760

To join by phone, call (669) 254-5252 and enter the meeting ID and Passcode when prompted.

Resource Management Plan Status

It has been a long road. The San Juan Islands National Monument was created on March 25, 2013. The Monument Advisory Committee (MAC), appointed to advise the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the Resource Management Plan first met in October of 2014. And the Resource Management Planning process officially kicked off in March of 2015.

Between 2015 and today, the BLM sought public input on the issues to be addressed, created draft plans for analysis, received public comment on those drafts, and published an over 900-page Proposed Resource Management Plan [very large PDF file] in 2019.

We are now waiting for the Record of Decision (ROD) that is the final implementable Resource Management Plan (RMP) from BLM. This RMP will guide the "implementation level" decisions that will be made by BLM to manage, restore, and protect the San Juan Islands National Monument in the years to come.

In May of 2022, BLM staff told the MAC that they expected the ROD to be published in September or October of 2022.

Included in the materials that BLM is considering as they modify the Proposed RMP to become the ROD are hundreds of protests submitted by the public (all of which were rejected by BLM), issues summarized by Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument, and the following specific documents (all submitted to BLM by the MAC at their first post-Proposed-RMP meeting after not being allowed to convene during crucial parts of the drafting process):

Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument is a group of local citizens who care deeply for the lands of the San Juan Islands National Monument and work to ensure their care.

Our Monument protects precious sites in the San Juan Islands. These sites, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), include recreation areas beloved by locals and visitors, cultural sites used by local tribes for thousands of years, historic lighthouses, disappearing habitat, and much more.

More information about the Monument can be found on BLM's official website for the monument.

Archived Information

Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument advocated for the designation of the Monument, which was achieved in 2013. Since then, Islanders, has worked to inform the public of key engagement and advocacy opportunities, such as public meetings, and compile information to enable the public to engage productively with the BLM and others on issues surrounding the Monument.

Our History page contains information about the advocacy efforts that led to creation of the Monument as well as the history of the first 5 years of the Monument's existence. Our Resources page includes more recent information distributed during key input phases in the development of the Monument's Resource Managagement Plan.

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