San Juan Islands National Monument

President Obama Signing Proclamation
On March 25, 2013 President Obama signed a proclamation creating the San Juan Islands National Monument to permanently protect the BLM Lands in the islands. 

National monument status permanently protects precious lands in the San Juan Islands. These sites, already managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), include recreational areas beloved by locals and visitors, cultural sites used by local tribes for thousands of years, historic lighthouses, disappearing habitat and much more.
About These Lands 
The BLM lands in the San Juan Islands include spectacular recreation lands, historic sites and rare habitat.
Visited by thousands of people annually, they are a key part of the landscape that defines the San Juan Islands.
Writing in Support
Protecting these lands as a national monument was supported by our county governments, the governor, our congressional representatives, our senators, over 150 businesses and thousands of individuals.
Conservation Lands
National monuments and national conservation areas are managed as National Conservation Lands within BLM.
This gives them permanent protection, provides a set of priorities for BLM to use in managing the lands, gives the community a voice in their management and raises the visibility of the lands within BLM.